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Our program consists of three classes, each geared toward the developmental stage of the child. A variety of activities are designed to provide students with a balance between teacher-directed and self-directed activities. In each program, children are encouraged to express themselves while also showing respect for their peers and teachers. We use the Handwriting Without Tears Curriculum™, which provides your child with developmentally appropriate, multisensory tools and strategies for learning early reading, writing and math skills.

Ducks (2/3 year old program): 

Tuesday/Thursday Mornings

Introduces your child to school surroundings, social interactions with other children, and play in a structured environment. It is our goal to offer activities such as music, art, reading, introduction to colors, shapes, and numbers, and to encourage your child’s personal growth.

Pelicans (3/4 year old program): 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday Mornings

Strengthens your child’s relationship with peers, becomes aware of letter recognition, literature exploration, and introductory math and reading. They will develop an appreciation for art and science through hands on experiences.

Swans (Pre-K/Enrichment Program): 

M/W Mornings and T/Th  Afternoons

Prepares child for Kindergarten by developing literacy and language skills, exploring math and science through hands on activities, and creating art through open-ended projects. We will also be introducing them to Kumon™ and Explode the Code™, which are early phonics and math programs. Additional learning experiences include: gardening, nature exploration, and field trips in the community.